MyFamilyMobile is an online login entry for Walmart Family Mobile members. This online registration has many advantages. Walmart MyFamilyMobile is the all-in-one solution for all your phone-related needs, including mobile devices, data plans, talk time, SMS My Family Mobile Plans, and more.


With this MyFamilyMobile connection, you can sign up, work on details, plans, and more. Walmart offers a discounted cell phone plan called Walmart MyFamilyMobile, which is affordable for anyone looking for a reliable, no-contract phone.


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MyFamilyMobile.com reveals that Walmart offers include 4 “unlimited” monthly My Family Mobile Plans that cost just $ 24.88.Here I have given all the data for MyFamilyMobile – Activate and Register.

How To Activate The MyFamilyMobile Account?

The activation process for MyFamilyMobile is very modest. You can easily activate MyFamilyMobile activation in three ways:

  • You can visit the Walmart Family Mobile counter at the Walmart store
  • You can visit myfamilymobile.com to activate
  • You can contact Family Mobile customer service at 1-877-308-8621 to activate this MyFamilyMobile service.

1: You can visit the Walmart Family Mobile counter at the Walmart store

For example, if you want to start a Family Mobile service from the Walmart store, you need to prepare some mandatory documents for your Family Mobile SIM card.

  • You can buy this SIM card from the Walmart online store.
  • Then you will need your activation code as this code is accessible from MyFamilyMobile Starter Equipment. You can buy this starter kit at Walmart.
  • Then you will need your IMEI number. This IMEI number is the serial number of your phone because this number is different for every phone.
  • You will then need your identification number or your driver’s license number, which will require this access data to confirm your identity.

Finally, you will need to bring your starter kit and MyFamilyMobile package to the Walmart service store to get started.

Myfamilymobile - login

2: You can visit myfamilymobile.com to activate:

You can use the MyFamilyMobile service as follows:

  • When you open the official website at www.myfamilymobile.com, you must first visit the official website. When the page is fully loaded, tap the Enable option in the menu bar.
  • After pressing the activation key, you must select the type of phone. There should be two options to activate your own phone or the family phone.
  • Then you need to enter your SIM card number in the empty field. Usually this SIM card number starts with 890.
  • Then you need to provide your phone’s IMEI serial number, as this number is different for each mobile phone.
  • Finally, enter your activation code, which consists of 11 or 12 digits. After that, get your plan and set up your phone.

Login To Your Registered Account

  • Visit the same page as before www.myfamilymobile.com
  • Go to the menu field here. My Account ”and enter your registered phone number or email address and click“ Next ”.
  •  Log into your Family Mobile account
  • Log in and pay the bill at the same time.

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